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Updated: May 12, 2021

Alright, so... yeah! My name is Hedyeh Coonjul and I live in Mauritius, a tiny island floating in the Indian ocean with beautiful beaches, buildings, and my favorite of all: MOUNTAINS! Yap, my very favorite activity has always been hiking; surrounded by the fresh air, light breeze, animals in their natural habitat, and pretty much the pleasure you feel when you look back at the mountain you've just hiked! I am 14 years old and I love spending my time trying out new stuff! I love my family very much, I mean they're these people that drive you crazy in a fun way, my parents, are really the best, now that I'm a bit older I seem to realize how their firm, loving, and encouraging ways have benefited me in various ways, they really know what's best for me and even if it's hard to agree in the beginning I trust them with my life. And my cheeky little brother Rohan is full of life, never stopping to zoom around the house and driving us crazy very much conscious that he will always be our little baby! Then comes my sister, Naavah, we are alike but different in all sorts of ways, and let's not talk about how we never stop bugging each other... but she is really cool and I have to admit that I learn a lot from her. Crusher and Zig Zag, our two Dachshunds are really the cherry on the cake, I love them more than anything and I have developed a lot of new skills while taking care of them, I can't imagine my life without my amazing friends and family.

I believe in global peace and unity, I believe in equality, thus I think that it is our task to help establish this long-desired unity as we are the next generation. But how? We could use technology, arts, language, and a lot of other creative means in order to raise people's consciousness about how unity is the way. In my blog, I will share as many ways as I can think of to achieve this noble goal, but of course, that's not all! Please always feel free to share your views too, as only when we share do we understand better and help each other.


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