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Colorful notepad:

Are you familiar which these scenes where you totally forgot to do your homework? Like genuinely, really, 100% forgot? Well, looks like the solution might be keeping a notepad! You can jot down your tasks and do it in style with this diy craft!


  • paper

  • clear plastic sheet

  • hot glue

  • hair straightener

  • water

  • small bowl

  • food coloring/paint

  • glitters

  • needle

  • thread

  • glue stick


  1. cut out your clear plastic sheet in the shape and size of your notepad.

  2. Now comes the tricky part; Take your hair straightener and your plastic sheet, press the straightener on the plastic but you have to be very quick as the plastic melts rapidly- we don't want the plastic to melt. Leave the straightener for about a second on the plastic and repeat the action rapidly until the open parts of the plastic are stuck together.

  3. make sure that out of the four sides of your plastic, three sides are tightly stuck together. One should be left open for you to be able to put in the glitters and water.

  4. In a small bowl, mix water and food coloring. I used red but it's really up to you!

  5. fill the plastic with litters and pour in the water. Don't fill up the plastic too much!

6. cut out a piece of paper in the size of your notepad ( this will be your front cover) paint it in the colors of your choice.

7. this is the time to add decorations on your front cover, so feel free!

8. use your hot glue to stick the plastic on the front cover. Make sure that you are only applying hot glue on the borders of the plastic.

9. Leave the cover aside, now it's time to assemble the pages! Cut out pieces of paper in the same size as the front cover.

10. Thread a needle in whichever thread color your like.

11. start stitching the paper together and finish off with a tight knot.

12. By the way, you can equally use a stapler if your notepad doesn't contain a lot of pages. However I think it's more advisable to use the thread and needle if you have a lot of pages!

13. Cut out a last piece on paper in the same dimensions as the pages (this will be your back cover). Use your glue stick to stick it on the last page of your notepad (where you can still see the stitches)

14. Here we go! An awesome notepad which will help you carry out your tasks on time!

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