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One ray

She is smart

She is nice

it's her art

to be precise.

He hears

He spends his time

He doesn't listen

He's in his own mind.

She sets high goals,

She is a rose.

She shoots, She scores,

She plays her role.

He sees the wrong,

He shuts his eyes.

He's a deer, in a tiger's frame.

One ray of light is all they need,

something to which they will closely pay heed.

A gust of wind,

a stream of water.

Is all they need to cross their border.

One open window,

One seep of wisdom.

Then they will soar

like never before.

They will walk the extra mile,

they will lay down the foundations

and pave the way

to their deepest aspiration.

All they need is a ray,

a beam, a glimpse.

They are blazing with desire, talent and capacity

all they need is a ray

to ignite their way.

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