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Sweet dreams!

Doesn't this just make you want to sleep and do nothing else? Well, just looking at it totally helps me to unwind after a hard day. So, I'm gonna help you guys chill with this tutorial of how to make this simple room decoration.


  • cardboard

  • thin rope

  • hot glue

  • coloured paper

  • pom poms

  • craft cutter/scissors

  • paint

  • felt


  1. Cut out two circles from the cardboard. One should be about half the size of the other, then cut out a hole in each circle with the help of your craft cutter. Paint the shapes with colours of your choice. I painted the small circle green, and the larger one in a gradient of red, white and blue.

PS: I used a container's lid as my small circle but cardboard will work perfectly fine too!

2. Then cut out the thin rope in the dimensions of your choice. I cut mine in the following order:

  • three strands of rope- used to hang on the ceiling, stuck to the small circle

  • three strands of rope- used to connect the two circles, stuck to the small and big circles

  • ten strands of rope (variable) - used to hang decorations, stuck to the big circle

3. cut out the decorations you would like to use. You could also make doubles to create a neater work as the rope won't show. For example, if you make two stars then apply the hot glue on one, then stick the thin rope to it. Then take the double(other star) and stick it on it with glue again. The rope will be between the two stars.

I also used felt to make little circles, and pompoms too.

4. Stick the thin rope on everything you've done so far with the hot glue.

And there you go guys, how to make a simple and peace emitting room deco!

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