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Tie and Dye... to die for!

So... My best friend and I just made awesome tie-dye shirts which we had been planning to make since FOREVER. This is a wonderful way to express your creativity and obviously, show your true colours!!

To our surprise, tie-dye isn't actually that hard- we thought it was gonna take hours, but we ended up beating the clock.

You can follow our steps to finally achieve a beautiful tie-dyed fabric:


  • plain white shirts (or any fabric of your choice)

  • a few strings of yarn

  • some salt

  • fabric dye

  • empty bottle (with the lid)

  • wooden stick

  • gloves


1. set your table with all the requirements. Just make sure that you are doing it outside because it can get pretty messy

2. Now for this part, you can let your imagination run lose. The aim is just to fold your fabric into a shape. We twisted it into a spiral form... well, sort of...

feel free to also tie beads to your fabric to make creative patterns!

then, firmly tie the fabric with your strings of yarn.

3. now we'll put aside the fabric and get to the dye.

Heat some water, it should be really warm. In the meantime, pull on your gloves...

in our case, we were our of gloves so we re-used plastic bags!

4. Pour the hot water into a dish and add in about 4 tablespoons of salt, then finally, the dye. Use your wooden stick to stir it until it's completely homogeneous.

5. When the water has cooled off a little ( just a little), transfer it into a bottle.

punch a few holes on the lid of the bottle and seal it.

Lay your tied fabric down and squirt the solution onto it. keep your gloves on as you will have to rotate the fabric in different ways so as to get the dye all over it.

6. Carefully cut off the strings of yarn (please be careful not to cut off pieces of your shirt!!)

7. Open your fabric and let it dry completely

I hope you guys enjoyed this little DIY craft, thanks for checking it out and hopefully it was helpful for you if you are planning to do some tie-dye too!

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Cool!! Simple and nice 🙂

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