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Double-sided tape 

Image by Julian Hochgesang

Double-sided tape:

Unite and bind

Hi! I'm Hedyeh and I'm SUPER excited to start sharing my thoughts, opinions, and ideas with you! This friendly little blog revolves around the major concept of my life... drum roll …service. I believe that service to humanity should always be placed before ourselves and I could go on for ages about all the extraordinary ways we can use to achieve this goal! Voila! By posting cool DIY creativity ideas, enthralling stories, breath-taking adventures, and tonnes of other stuff; I hope to share my enthusiasm (which is usually very contagious!) with you so as we can bring forth a great tomorrow

Image by Rodion Kutsaev

Double sided tape!?

why such a quirky name? Well...

When I chose the name 'double side tape', I was literally underwater so please don't blame me for my odd choice, nevertheless, when I thought about it, later on, it HIT ME how good that name was! 
Double-sided tape has two surfaces that have to be stuck to two different planes for it to accomplish its purpose. If it decides to stick to only one surface, then there will be no point in using it!
It's all symbolic. 
I compared our way of life to the tape. As human beings, we have the responsibility to cater to both our personal development, well-being, growth, and also the transformation of our society. These two sides are equal and they complement each other; without proper education, we cannot bring changes to society and without helping each other we will not grow well spiritually and materially. Thus we should make sure that our character is a balance of both sides so that- like the tape- we will serve our purpose, benefit us and our surroundings, and not stick to only one thing!

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