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It's rocket science!

Ready to make a rocket which will make your imagination blast off? My sister and I made this rocket out of recycled material from the kitchen. It was an amazing way to avoid killing time and get crafting instead!

You can totally try this out at home, amaze others as well as yourself!


  • cardboard

  • cylindrical object

  • paint

  • hot glue

  • colored paper

  • tape

  • scissors

  • markers


  1. wrap up your cylindrical object with colored paper of your choice. I used beige but you can obviously play with the colors!

2. carefully cut out the wings of your rocket from cardboard. Make sure that they are the correct height according to your cylindrical object. Then paint them, I did a black and red gradient.

3. Make a cone with colored paper of your choice and fasten it off with a piece of tape. Again, make sure that the dimensions are correct.

4. Now that you have all of the requirements, you can wander around a bit and add whatever you want to the rocket. I made a door out of blue and orange paper. I also added little windows with little astronauts saying: '3,2,1... BLAST OFF!'

So there you go, a simple yet explosive rocket, try it out and feel free to let me know how it turned out in the comments!!

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I really liked this on its very creative and fun and the final results of yours was amazing😍


Very good


Wow Hedyeh


Pooja Ruteea
Pooja Ruteea
Apr 17, 2021

Wow! Impressive! Keep it up, dear!

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