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Updated: Apr 20, 2021

Hey! I'm so happy to be sharing with you this DIY photo frame! I really hope it inspires you to go ahead and grab a pencil ,and a pair of scissors and start creating new stuff! Let your imagination run wild, play around with the colors, add text, paint, paper; express yourself!

This is a really simple photo frame that you could hang in your room; and glance back at it to remember amazing moments you spent with people you love!


  • scissors

  • paint

  • cardboard

  • colored paper

  • hot glue


1. carefully cut out a frame of any dimension you would like out of cardboard.

2. Choose colors to paint the background. I chose blue and purple and made a gradient. I feel like when the background is dark, the bright colors I used with the paper really stand out, but it is totally your choice!

3. Now cut out straps of your chosen colored paper. Make sure that the straps are not very thick because otherwise you will find difficulties while sticking them on the frame.

4. Roll then up and fasten the paper straps with hot glue, then delicately stick it on the frame... TADAA! We're done! Now look down at your creative photo frame!!!

I really hope you guys like this, and remember: stay creative, stay motivated, be happy!

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3 comentarios

Neela Gopaul
Neela Gopaul
16 abr 2021

Very nice!

Me gusta

Well done Hedyeh

Me gusta

Vimala Ramma
Vimala Ramma
15 abr 2021

Loved it! ❤️ Will share with my students 😍

Me gusta
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