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Stationary holder:

Are you familiar which these scenes where your stationary is scattered all over your desk and your parents ask you to tidy up? Well, no joke, I'm rather familiar with those scenes... but what if you created a place where you could always keep your stationary? Yeah, don't tell me that you have your pencil case for that.... I mean something that's just gonna stay on your desk and something that will require less effort... What!? Am I the only one who feels lazy to open my pencil case, then grab my pencils, then put them in the pencil case, then close it?

I think we would all agree that a stationary holder is much easier. Plus, It's fun to make!


  • 2 toilet paper roll

  • different colored yarn

  • a piece of cardboard

  • paint

  • hot glue

  • paper

  • googly eyes

  • scissors


1. from the 2 rolls, choose one and cut it in half. Then choose your yarn of whatever color and start twisting it around the rolls. I chose red, blue and green. Make sure that you leave a thin border at the end so that the yarn won't come off. Use a needle to fasten it off.

2. Use the half toilet paper roll that you had cut off earlier to make decorations. Then use the yarn again and twist all around. Fasten with a needle.

3. Make a base for you to stick the stationary holder on. I made mine out of cardboard. Paint it with colors of your choice to make it more attractive.

4. Make a little mouth out of paper and use your glue gun to stick it as well as the googly eyes on the stationary holders.

5. Now, you may add decorations to your heart's content. I added a feather and some seashells!

And here it is guys, how to make your own DIY pencil holder and avoid your parents' requests for you to tidy up!

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I really wish i could stick on some googly eyes😑 but i dont have any so ill just paint it when i do this stationary👍


Well done dear

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