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The Moon's rhythm - 1 -

Updated: Apr 2, 2021

20th March 2020

Dear Atarah,

I love my tribe, we hunt together, we eat together, we think together, we dance together. This is my home only home. Today, on the equinox I'm turning this notebook into a sort-of diary but please, that doesn't mean that I'm all soft and emotional now ok? I mean... the night is gorgeous! The stars are shining, the moon is gleaming, how can I not enjoy this? When I said that this was my only home... I wasn't complaining, I'm only revealing my profound desires to make a few adjustments to our ways of living! Everything has been this way... for ages, I know I'm not like the others, even if I look pretty much like them: strong, flexile, fast. There is more than just spending your life hunting and eating, it is my only wish to see us all open-minded and the most of all... maybe someday...tolerant.

well then, Bye,

I'll write soon!

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