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The Moon's rhythm - 2 -

24th March 2020

Hi again, Today was a rather fun day; I really enjoyed myself with Eva, I'm so happy to have her as my friend, she's just that girl with who I can tease, prank and express myself fully.

But right now, man, I'm exhausted! Eva and I just had an AWESOME obstacle course, my idea, start at the rivers through the forest, cross the cobras and end up near the western falls! Eva is amazing (but I always beat her at obstacle courses), I can't imagine my life without her, especially these few months where I'm becoming rather restless and sick of all the 'tribe ways'. I think it's not 100% correct to 'leave the responsibility of rainfall to the God of rain' I mean, isn't it obvious that it would rain? we live in a place drowned by trees! Since I was very young I always longed to know why and how the members of our tribe do things blindly? I never had the guts to tell anyone about it, as I was sure that they would make fun of me... well except for Eva, I had to tell her, I think that It's because of her sharp eyes, they give me the creeps! And I assume that my dad must have doubted me more than a million times, but he's cool (no seriously, he's the most un-dadly dad I've ever met)

By the way , I forgot to introduce myself (what a clumsy move, introducing yourself on the second letter!) my name is Tara, and the best way to describe me is: medium height, puffy-eyed (I need to catch up on some sleep), rough-brown-haired tied up in french braids (I was once spying on some modern-girls), deep cuts all over my face and body and my favorite was a pebble hanging from a string that I wore on my left foot. It reminded me of all the Adventures I had been on and that our little forest is definitely not the only one.

That's right, I don't live in a hut made up of cement, NO WAY! I was born in the forest, born with my big family. If you would see me one day, I'm sure that you would freak out... I look like tribe people: face smeared in red and orange, wearing rough clothes, having cuts all over me...

when I was only three, I lost my mother, no one knows what happened to her, she just disappeared. My father raises me like a mother and father, I'm really lucky to have him and my tribe are always here supporting each other. My uncle, Chief Coalis, is a good-hearted chief; I get it, he wants to keep us safe but I think that someone could guide him into making the decisions that will actually benefit us.

Bye for now,

I'll write to you as soon as I have GOOD news!

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