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The Moon's rhythm- 10 -

Dear Tara,

My beautiful, My pure. Reading your letters has made me nostalgic yet elated beyond limits. I feel so blessed to have had the wonderful opportunity to take a peek into your thrilling life. Proud, I am so proud.

You have overcome obstacles that numerous people have failed to accomplish, you have demonstrated in the most modest ways possible the spiritual qualities you have. I had never felt so happy, so free. While reading out your hopeful words, I felt like you were seated next to me, telling me about your insane adventures!

These letters made me think, think about the world, then think about you. You have united science and religion. You have made your tribe realize that science and religion were like the wings of a bird, if one was injured, the bird wouldn't fly but if they both worked together in a united and balanced manner, the bird would soar.

I have been thinking about this for some time now and, well... I hope you like it...

You see, I've compared you to the moon because, in the tribe, we all know very well that the Chief is the sun. Therefore I compared you to the moon which shines bright in the night. The moon which transforms from a new moon to a full moon. Then I've added the rhythm, when I read your letters and saw you evolve from 'the girl with a dream' to 'the girl who made us dream' I've realized how you had a constant and stable rhythm. You made me think of how when I listen to music, I tend to remember the rhythm better than the lyrics. When you started something, you started it with a rhythm that no one- not even you- could stop. I see you as the Moon's Rhythm.

Stay happy and always smile.

Keep pursuing your dreams,

I love you with all of my heart,

- Atarah, your mother.

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1 Comment

Ramchand Coonjul
Ramchand Coonjul
Apr 16, 2021

The moon's rhythm story really touched my heart and brought a lot of joy. Big hug to you ❤❤

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