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The moon's rhythm- 9 -

Dear Atarah,

Hiiiiii I've got so much to tell you, and guess what? They're all positive stuff!!!

After my life-changing success in persuading the Chief that we should modernize our tribe ways to better adapt to this generation, I was ecstatic, overflowing with ideas, and most of all... bussy. It was my responsibility to lead this whole new, peculiar change- of course with the help of my father, uncle, Noah, Naomi, and Cliff- but I would never ask for anything better. I felt free, unchained like a bird; ready to overcome whatever came in my way! I suggested and listened then analyzed and improved, I felt involved, I finally found myself.

Wait a second, I hadn't told you about Eva, haven't I? Well, it's the best part...

The chief had decided to welcome back Noah, Naomi, Cliff, and me with open arms. He had organized a feast on the night we came to announce the wonderful news to the tribe. So, they were all gathered for a usual tribe dinner, they knew nothing about us! The Chief stood up and said that he had amazing news to share with the tribe that night. He told everyone about a girl who wanted change, who never gave up on her dreams, and who persevered till the very end. I couldn't describe my feelings at that point. I couldn't believe we've come so far.

After a pause, the Chief then said that he warmly welcomed Me back as well as Noah, Naomi, and Cliff; my friends.

And at this moment I saw Eva burst out of the crowd and run as fast as an eagle would slash through the air and give me a huge bear-hug which made me fall over. We both burst into a large guffaw.

The next day, Eva and I brought Naomi and Noah to the volcano, they told me that it's true, the volcano had erupted a few years ago (so the Chief's tale was correct; well, except that it hadn't erupted because it was cursed but because of the rising magma) They said that normally, it took a lot of years for the volcano to revive but we could still help it.

Back with my tribe, I explained that there was no curse on the volcano (the Chief took some time to digest this information). And by the time the sun was setting on that day, we each had specific tasks to carry out the following day. As the sun rose, we rose too; eager to help the volcano. We planted new plants, looked for some animals inhabiting other parts of the forest, and brought them to the volcano; hoping they like the place.

Yap, I no longer had to close my eyes to imagine, my dreams were becoming reality.

We also eventually stopped praying idols and turned ourselves to the One True God, the All-Powerful. The One Who had created the earth then added beautiful and rich minerals, plants of all shapes and sizes, animals of all types. He filled the world with living in the unreached sky, round earth, in dense soil, and the depths of the ocean. Lastly, He created human beings, which He made in His image and gifted the power of intelligence. We must take care of and protect the kingdoms below us.

Hey! You know, we even introduced science to our tribe, with the help of Noah and Naomi. We built mechanisms out of bamboo and strong leaves to transport the water from our lake to our huts! We even included a new class after the defense one: creativity projects!

There you go Atarah, the impossible is possible!

I really hope you liked the series of letters I've sent you... yet, I still don't know who you are... the only thing I know is that my dad once asked me to start writing to you, he told me not to ask questions and trust him... I agreed at that moment but now I'm just really curious...



I hope you stay happy and achieve all of your goals!

love, Tara.

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Tres bien continue Hedyeh

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