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The moon's rhythm - 3 -

26th March 2020

Dear Atarah,

I hope that your day was boring because I have news that might interest you!

It all started, as usual, I was out for my daily 'defense' practice which was obligatory for kids below the age of maturity (below nineteen years old) to help defend our tribe in case enemies popped up. My dad is a born defender, he's awesome, I wish I could be as good as him someday... But turns out 'someday' might happen faster than I imagined; he is training me and teaching me all the tricks he knows. Plus, I swear that I once saw him raise an eyebrow and slightly open his mouth in awe as I performed my signature move!

As the afternoon approached, I made my way through the huts and towards the waterfalls where we had our practice. I love the forest where we live, if only we could venture until the volcano... It's my dream to see it with my own eyes, hear it with my own ears, feel its hard rock against my fingers. I feel connected to that volcano. I think it's also the fact that it hasn't been explored by my tribe, I want to discover it, learn about it. After the practice, Eva and I were heading home and when I told her that today was the big day, she immediately understood that I'm going to visit the volcano before heading home (she would obviously understand, I had been driving her crazy by only talking about the volcano).

Excitement bubbled up my veins as we strolled past the waterfalls and towards the crooked path which leads to the volcano.

Eva and I didn't talk, we were too anxious yet thrilled when we arrived, our feet were half dead owing to the long walk but our eyes were nearly popping out their sockets!

I closed my eyes and imagined a huge, majestic volcano with flocks of birds slashing the sky, trees, and all sorts of rare plants growing on the volcano, butterflies, and bees zooming around, and animals noisily carrying out their activities. when I opened my eyes... I wasn't content. Instead of a green volcano, I saw a grey volcano. only a few birds were passing by, it looked like plants only now had started to grow... How was that possible? Was something wrong? I glanced at Eva and received the same puzzled expression that I wore on my face. After about two hours, we headed home while my mind bursted with questions. I didn't even realize when I entered my hut and I was suddenly completely alone.

I made a quick note and stuck it on my door, this was a method I adopted to keep myself organized and disciplined. I heard my dad's voice from outside calling me for the tribe dinner, I spared a last look at my note which read 'discover the reasons why life on the mountain is only starting now' and in smaller writing 'get them all involved'.

goodbye then,

and lookout for a bird that might come to deliver my next letter!

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