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The moon's rhythm- 5 -

Updated: Apr 7, 2021

Dear Atarah,

Hi, how was your day? I hope it was great because mine was interesting too... yeah, a lot of stuff happened today, it was pretty cool in the beginning though... but then.... Oh Atarah, I can't believe what actually happened today, I never saw this coming, it hit me hard, I don't know what to do, what to think, what to say! It's horrible, I wish I wasn't a lone in the darkness right now, I wish this insane nightmare would vanish! I'm sorry if this letter is a headache to you, I know I used to always be positive and happy but in the situations I am right now... I don't know what to do.

Let me tell you what happened...

The next morning I woke up early to talk to my uncle, the Chief about the volcano again, I wasn't ready to give up on it, No way! I also decided to bring along my notebook of answers “Good morning uncle” I whispered “Oh well hello there, you startled me” Chief Coalis had said in his low voice I smiled, amused and admitted that I was glad he was awake, the Chief gestured me to sit; we had settled on the grass leaning on a big pine tree with its branches filled with bird nests as the melodious chirping of the birds announced dawn, I find birds fascinating I feel like they are limitless I wish it was the same for human beings. By the door stood my father hidden in the shadows, I never knew he was there at the moment. My uncle inquired about what brought me around ” Well uncle, the thing is… I’ve been wanting to tell you this ages ago but I didn't have proof. Now that I do, I proudly present to you my notebook of answers.” I had announced “ I have explored the volcano and came to the conclusion that there was no curse on it; the volcano had to erupt.” I said matter-of-factly and I think he didn't appreciate my tone... The Chief said that I was speaking nonsense and started asking me other questions hoping to change the subject but I persisted "No I don’t I’m certain that it's true, also there is no such thing as the God of rain or peace or love it’s something natural” I continued with more enthusiasm but then again... I was not careful enough... My uncle's temper seemed to be rising quickly as he urged me to go back to my hut; My dad was still waiting discreetly, I went on, determined

”But uncle it's true! I spent all of my life listening to you and living a life filled with superstitions! I think it’s wrong.” I had finished firmly, the Chief stood up and with a raised tone he told me that if I thought that my tribe's ways were wrong then I had no place here, I had to either follow or leave. I was horror-struck this was my home my birthplace I had two choices; either apologize and explain how the Chief is right and I was wrong or leave and struggle to live by myself while sticking to what I think is faultless! I chose my way because the wildfire of truth was at its wildest state right now, I knew that as long as I did what I trusted was right, God would help me. I stormed into my room, not able to control the anger and disagreement inside me; this was when my father stepped out of the shadows and walked to me. I ignored him and continued packing then I realized that the notebook was still with my uncle. “You never told me of this famous notebook?” my father quietly mentioned; I looked him in the eyes and calmed down “Easy that’s because the notebook reflects me and you know me better than I know myself” I explained and mustered a smile. My father suggested that he would talk with the Chief to try to convince him to let me stay but I denied the offer. I told him that maybe it was true, I needed to be cut off a bit from the tribe... It might benefit me, he didn't argue. My father asked me to take good care of myself and come back soon. I promised him that I would. I also asked him to tell Eva about all that happened and tell her that without her I wouldn't have known myself fully and that I loved her and felt really grateful for all she did .

I hugged my father, then I was off, into the unknown.


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🌜Mesmerizing! I was transported to surreal realms! Thanks so much Heydyeh! KUDOS! KEEP IT UP! Loving the Moon ... :)


Well done Hedyeh

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