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The moon's rhythm - 6 -

Updated: Apr 10, 2021

Dear Atarah,

Life's been hard the past few weeks but I've learnt A LOT!!

I can't believe that I've acquired so much knowledge only by taking sometime to think!

I've settled in another part of the forest, closer to the modern world, the modern people are not as bad as my tribe made it sound like, some seem very happy and friendly amongst themselves and others, some seem a bit rude and arrogant, there have sooooooo many cool gadgets: I saw flying cameras, doors that open when people approach it ,and even big cars, buses and motorcycles!

Its crazy, we lived in the heart of the forest surrounded by thick layers of trees but when I am looking out into the world right outside our doorstep, I can see how the human race has evolved! Why do WE live in the forest then!?

Only when I wondered, it seemed like nature gave me my answer... I saw a fish splash in the water out of the corner of my eye and I threw my rope, tied to a strong stick in the directing of the fish, catching it at the last moment, perfect timing!

I lit a small fire and started roasting my fish. Here was my answer! It's because we love nature, we are connected to it, we learn from it. I would never want to live in the modern world, No, it's not my type, I only think that we should change out methods and adapt them to this generation.

After breakfast, it was workout time, I keep fit by going through a regular obstacle course along the forest, followed by my favorite part: a freezing yet stunningly refreshing plunge in the deep, clear waters of the lake!

I've lost track of the days since I was banished from my tribe however, as I promised my father that I would be back, my awesome and surprisingly relaxing alone-life had to come to an end.

Wait no, I'm not totally alone... I met a stray dog a few days after settling in the part of the forest which bordered the city. I named him cliff, when I found him his state was very bad, he was soaked and trembling, he bore a few wounds on his back and he looked exhausted and starved he would have died if I didn't help him. He also seems to adopt some of the nature ways because I've realized that he enjoys howling at night and I always picture him howling from a cliff with the moon glaring at him! There's something about him, he feels my emotions way before I even express them, when I see his adorable eyes and when he runs around then lickes me all over my face, I just melt!

Cliff and I then proceed to a morning walk in the city, Yap you heard me right!

I've been discovering the city lately and it's amazing, Cliff also gets cool comments like 'ohhhhh he's sooooo cute' from the nice people.

Yesterday afternoon, on our way back home, I spotted kids playing and running around, I wish I could have done that. I also wondered, maybe my mom could be here, somewhere, maybe I could find her?

What if I did? How would I know it was her? Would she recognize me? What would I say?

Excitement was creeping into my heart and my mind was racing... Oh, if only...

Alas, when I headed home, an awful surprise was awaiting for me...

Once in our little shelter made up of leaves and branches I heard footsteps outside...

Someone or something was approaching, Cliff started to growl and I tried to stop him but it was too late, we were spotted.

I froze and held cliff tight, then I heard voices, there were two voices, one male and one female, they were rapidly and tensely murmuring. One of them suggested that they called the police, the other denied and said that they would better check it out... I could make out a hand pointing at our direction, what would they do to me? Then cliff lost it, he burst out of my shelter and started barking really loudly, I came out too, eager to see these people, my eyes opened wide at their sight but theirs opened even wider than mine when they saw me, they reflected complete shock, and it was rather offensive, did I look THAT bad!? Without warning, they moved abruptly making cliff race to the man and enclose his sharp teeth around the man's leg.

I have to go for now,

I'll write tomorrow.

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1 Comment

Neela Gopaul
Neela Gopaul
Apr 10, 2021

Keep it up! Let your creativity reach its highest summit!

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