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Updated: Nov 28, 2021

This road leads to fire,

Do not inquire.

This path ends with rain,

Without doubt, refrain.

The walk is perilous,

Don’t be the desirous.

Every wildfire destroys,

Thereupon water washes away.

The irrational misapprehend,

Accordingly, the quick-witted amend.

Lightning strikes,

Soon after, the sun ignites!

Face downwards, there is roily dirt

Still a flower blossoms, I assert.

Unnoticeably lose yourself in the pitch-black night

But the stars will escort you back to your nest.

Look straight ahead, at the ocean

It’s too big

Yet it’s so BIG!

I see a bright light,

Its blinding just the same attracting.

I hear birds chirping for peace,

It’s trivial all the same roaring.

I take a glance at myself,

I am perfectly imperfect.

I am a child who chose to chew more than she could swallow

And time to time, I wish my imaginative mind to be hollow.

I’m on a ride,

These roads bring me there

And the previous ones brought me here.

I’m climbing a ladder,

Step by step I feel wiser.

Life isn’t fire and water,

Or light and dark.

Life is the sun giving light to the moon,

Failure giving way to success.

So here it is world:

I'll build my own boat and sail across your oceans.

I'll create new means to soar through your skies.

I'll pack my bag and stride along your mountains.

At the end of the day,

What’s destined for me is what I’ll accept

What matters is whether I walk in my unique way

Then I’ll say without regret

This is the road that I chose to take

The one inspired by others

And weaved with the yarns of creativity, curiosity, and overflowing determination.

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