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Art- you rock!!

I think we all agree that the minion is the cutest!!! I mean just look at it! The earth is made up of minerals including a lot of rocks and chances are, you must have a few laying around here and there. So why not paint them? Honestly, this is the first time I've ever done rock art and its so fun! You guys should totally try this at home!


  • paint

  • paint brushes

  • rocks


  1. find rocks of medium size. Wash and dry them well.

  2. make a little sketch on paper of the motives you would like to paint on the rock

  3. paint the rocks, you could also use markers to make the details. My rocks were black so it was a bit hard for my lights colours to show but I solved the problem by applying a few layers of colours.

  4. voila! Rock Art!

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Reshma Takah-Dookee
Reshma Takah-Dookee

Make 1 4 me 🙂 a good gift idea ❤


Bien joli

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