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Bursting with cheek!

Updated: Apr 23, 2021

My first ever poem was one inspired by my little brother. He really brings joy and laugher in our family with his silly little jokes. So here we go, hoping that this will cheer you up!


Here we go on an adventure

Which is definitely not a lecture,

It's the story of a family

Who had gone a bit crazy

The question was how?

Because before, they were just 'wow!'

The house was spotless

But now it's pretty much of a mess

Well the answer that you seek

Lies within a boy bursting with cheek

He is the reason for this change, out of the blue

He is the reason for this change, not occurring once in a blue moon!

The youngest member of that modest family

Was the one that drove them all loony

The kid was just born with a smile and a wink

That spelled 'i am going to paint the house pink!'

He turned everyone upside down

Just as the lad had it all planned

While his charming smile and longing eyes

Were always the excuses for the angry crowds

All protesting against the chaos and disorder

Emerging from the house

But one thing was sure,

No matter how black some days were

The family was always together

Supporting each other

In their unique funny manner.

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