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Updated: Apr 1, 2021

Orbiting the powerful sun is our beautiful blue planet; our home, our refuge.

Human beings have inhabited earth for millions of years, we have discovered how we were the sole ones gifted with intelligence and so it is our duty to protect kingdoms below us: the animal kingdom, the vegetal kingdom and the mineral kingdom. But are we doing enough? I think that a way to serve our community is by looking around at its physical environment and think about how we can help improve the environment.

I have written this poem with my sister in light of the global warming of our delicate planet.


Warming up the cold,

Burning up the coal,

I am in grave danger

Oh please consider,

Oh please consider!

In the Arctic ocean, I live

Where survival of the fittest is my only rule

Owing to the cruel deed

The monstrous humans commit

Oh please consider,

Oh please consider!

I am beautifully coated with snowy fur

While dark clouds pollute the sky with a blur

As an animal, I am tough

But my days never cease to be rough

Oh please consider,

Oh please consider!

Reduce plastic

Reduce waste

And bring us faith

Stop global warming

And start transforming

To create a better living!

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1 Comment

J'adore ❤ hope it touches millions of hearts and minds...

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