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Creative hand-painted bag

Updated: Jun 5, 2021

There is a man-made object infesting our planet, causing chaos and disorder. Plastic. The main problem is that most plastics can not biodegrade! Thus they drastically pollute our environment.

A way to reduce plastic is to use bags made out of cloth. You can carry it around and use it as an alternative for plastic bags!

Here is an easy way to make your own bag and personalize it with your unique touches.


  • cloth (in the dimensions you want your bag to be)

  • needle

  • thread

  • fabric paint/acrylic paint

  • paint brushes

  • water

  • small container

  • tissue paper

  • pencil

  • masking tape


  1. Use your pencil to trace an outline of your bag on your cloth. When you have your dimensions add about 1 centimetre on each side, so as when you stitch the bag together it will maintain the size you initially wanted it to be.

  2. cut out the bag and reverse the fabric, start stitching the edges together. Make sure you only stitch three sides out of four. Leave the top side open.

3. Fold one piece of the top side to make a border. Use a nice thread to stitch the border (these stitches will be visible). Repeat the same steps on the other piece of the top side.

4. Draw your designs on the cloth with the help of a pencil.

5. place a sheet of tissue paper in your bag, making sure that it covers the drawing that you are going to paint.

6. Use vibrant colors to paint your drawing. You can use some water to blend in the colors but DON'T USE TOO MUCH!!!

7. Get your masking tape and create shapes on the border of your bag. Then paint them in with the colors of your choice

8. Then carefully remove the tape to achieve neatly painted shapes

9. Cut out pieces of fabric to create the straps of your bag. Stitch them together just as you stitched the bag.

10. Stitch the straps on the bag with a nice thread ( the stitches will be visible)

Here it is guys, an amazing and eco-friendly bag which totally reflects your willingness to save the planet!

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