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Be hopeful!

Updated: Mar 30, 2021

I have always admired the power of a word, how it can hit you hard and when you can narrow it into a message, then it gets engraved in the heart. I find writing a way to escape from your daily routine, escape to a world of imagination! Below is a poem that I wrote a few days ago, it's about someone who doesn't have the best of lives but finds himself happy and positive. He isn't prepared to give up on himself and accept the dim scenes of life thus he keeps hopeful and cheery as long as he'll never have to know the worst.

I'll never know

What is it like to feel alone?

What is it like when the world is gone?

What would I say?

But then, who cares anyway?

The truth is, I will never be down

And you can't make me frown

As everything seems rather clear

While nothing should be feared

Seeing that no one will steer

Me away from what I care!

I am happy, I am loved

I am blessed to have a share

Of this wonderful world.

Even if scenes are not always bright,

I'll end up finding light

Since I'll never know the darkness

Cause I'm definitely far from heartless

I am full of the joys of spring,

Not as wealthy as a king

But cheery enough to make my heart burst

Therefore I'll never know the worst

And guess what?

I'll never be idle, never like a mutt

I'll rejoice,

It's my choice

Resting assure that everyone hears my voice

As long as I'll never know

What it feels like to lie low.

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