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I must have fallen asleep here...

Updated: May 12, 2021

Do you ever forget the page you stopped at... and it was the BEST part of the story!? Well, here is an extremely simple bookmark you can make. Just don't forget to put it on the page you stopped before you get snoozing!


  • paper

  • scissors

  • markers

  • paintbrush

  • water

  • watercolour

  • a small piece of plastic

  • pens

  • strings


  1. cut out a strap of paper, this will be the base of your bookmark. Make sure that it's just the dimensions you want it to be! Paint it in a gradient with pastel colours with your watercolour.

  2. cut out a piece of plastic (you are highly encouraged to use recycles plastic!) Make sure that the plastic is about the size of the paper strap. Then use your markers to scribble all over it- enjoy!

3. Go ahead and dip your paintbrush in the water, then gently sprinkle water all over the plastic.

4. Here comes the challenging part, take your painted paper and place it exactly on the plastic (with water sprinkled all over) then use your hands to spread out the water a little. Peel off the plastic, Voila! you must have a really cool design on your paper.

5. Now it's really up to you, I made another design on a smaller piece of white paper. Then I stuck it on the bigger piece of paper.

6. you could write something on your bookmark, like 'escape to your world of imagination'

7. Make a hole on the edge of the bookmark and tie on the strings!

I really hope you liked this DIY bookmark, try it out and let me know how it turned out!

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Reshma Takah-Dookee
Reshma Takah-Dookee
2021년 4월 29일

Lovely...very useful indeed 💕

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